I Will Never Forget Being A Better Person In Life

When you read this, you want to accomplish one and a half million things: get a job, do more sports, spend more time with your friends and family, read more, and more.
But how can you pack within 24 hours, taking into account sleep and food?
While most people try to do more by adding products, I got started more easily by deleting everything that kills the product market. Because even though there are different professions in different fields, people with positive qualities, always avoid important mistakes that harm others.
If you want to grow your product portfolio better than ever, avoid these 7 habits. Once you get rid of them, you can quickly see the growth of your products in the market.

1. Don’t look for small details, not results

“As good as it is, sometimes you have to look at the results.”
Product development depends on how much work you can do in an hour, what your working hours are, not the best email addresses or working hours, but the best.
If you do not improve the situation, do not repair the product. Take on a bigger role. Finally, the best measure of productivity is how much you plan and deliver.
Fantastic performers force them to send their works to the world. They have the courage to do everything and be afraid. While it is important to remember the process, do not look beyond the results.
What to do Remember that your results are targeted. As soon as you start paying attention to your results, the market for your products will pass.

2. First check the goods in the morning

88% of people check their phones in the first hour of the day and 55% of people check their emails before they get to work.
Yes, it is a bad thing to be able to concentrate, work and inspire. Using nonsense like social media, checking emails, and starting replies to messages, you feel like you’re starting the day: Now you’re stressed and excited without finding time for your personal goals (or clothes) to work.
It may seem unfair, but you can’t do anything because you’re not at work; It stays in your heart and protects you from getting away.
Instead, positive people focus on the goals of the day without distracting them. They focus their best thoughts on the highest goals of their minds, emotions, and energy in the morning – they check Instagram or don’t follow the news.
To avoid distractions, do not work too much in the morning. Put your phone on the plane while you sleep. Set the mode so that you do not disturb the first notifications in the morning. Surround it, you will soon get rid of your habit.

3. Allow distraction during operation

Whether it’s an email, a message, or a phone call, we change our activities, or we pause every 3 minutes and 5 seconds. Whichever way you try, if you wait any longer, you will fight because we all have different risks.
In addition, if the workplace is busy or sick, it can have detrimental effects on comprehension, stress, and emotional well-being. In fact, seeing a loss can be detrimental to your thinking and goals.
Valuable people, on the other hand, are unwilling to divert their attention and say they are always paying attention to their work. It doesn’t even work in crowded places and keeps things clean, honest and minimal.
Help turn off phone notifications when you try to put your phone in airplane mode or when a bomb explodes. Close all unnecessary tabs, browsers, and applications. Minimize your work. Do not listen to podcasts or radios on the phone while working, change the music several times (it will interfere).

6. “Find” the time to get things done

Here is a word that I found to be true:
“If you want to do something, give it to a busy person.”

When you hire someone who has all the time in the world, fight and laugh. But if you give it to someone who is too busy, you will know.
Super productive people don’t find the time to do the things they want. I spend time here. If it’s important, like getting regular exercise or spending time with your children, plan it out and make sure it’s ready. They know how to organize and manage their time so that all work and life priorities become a reality.
What are the most important things that you often put off? You don’t “find” the time, maybe you don’t. If interested, add them to your calendar and create a schedule around them.

7. Limits cannot be set

The praise for the 12-day working day is not a sign of productivity. a sign of bad boundaries. Many undertake all kinds of projects that frankly don’t move the needle in their lives. Or when people invite them to do something they don’t want to do, they feel obliged, and lack the time and energy (and they are caused by resentment).
But highly productive people set limits to their time and don’t let the little things take over. It’s not intense; If there is something, they deserve respect for showing that they focus on the things, people, activities, and other things that matter most to them.
Highly productive people also protect their work process very much. For example, when I know the mornings are best for creative work, schedule their afternoon phone calls. They understand what helps them do their best job and what keeps them going.
You have learned to politely decline questions or invitations and save time and effort. Maybe it’s not a priority or you don’t want to do it, that’s fine. Also, find the workflow that works best for you and plan your day accordingly.

You can get it
Productivity is about what you create and offer. In the end, you don’t have a busy schedule. Don’t focus too much on the little details like the perfect calendar. Build your results and your work will improve.
Avoid checking your phone, email, and social media in “Reply” mode for the first time tomorrow. Instead, take a step towards your goals before you reach them.
Too much work and task sharing destroy productivity. Instead, minimize distractions at work and eliminate clutter in the workplace.
Do not work until you are tired. You will be burned and the next day you will be left with nothing. Instead, when you experience a loss of productivity, stop and rest all day to conserve energy.
Prioritize activity, not just convenience, so you can maximize results every workday.
You don’t find time for the things that are important to you; Find the time. Put it on your calendar and create your schedule around it.
Avoid saying “yes” to all requests and limit yourself to insignificant things. Set time limits and learn how to say “no” correctly so that saying “yes” really matters.