Why We Celebrate Fourth Chauth After Purnima? My First Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is one of the most popular festivals in India and is often seen in the north of the country. It is a celebration of love, marriage, and the union of husband and wife.


The word “Karwa” means a clay pot with water, and the word Chauth means fourth. This means that the Karwa Chauth falls four days after the subdivision (full moon), according to the Hindu calendar, the month of Kartik.


Why the Karwa Chauth festival?

Karwa Chauth is also known as Nirajal Vrat and is a one-day celebration in which Hindus get married on an empty stomach for the health and safety of their husbands. They start fasting in the morning, which lasts every day until the moon rise.


The women do not eat or drink anything and pray to Lord Shiva. After performing many rituals, they stop fasting and see the moon, which according to Hindu mythology is also one of the most important celestial bodies. The women pray that their parents will live long and ask Lord Shiva to protect them from injury or suffering. This celebration is also believed to bring peace, happiness, and joy to marriage.


History of Karva Chauth



The stories are linked to the celebration of Karwa Chauth. In some stories, the stories interact with them and create a story for others.


The story of Queen Veervati

The beautiful queen, named Veervati, is the only sister of the seven loving brothers. She used the first Karwa Chauth as a married woman in her parents’ house. It begins shortly after dawn, but at night he waits for the moon to rise because he is very thirsty and hungry. Her seven siblings did not see their sister in distress, and they formed a mirror in the tree that made the moon rise. The sister got lost on the moon and quickly broke it. He sneezed for the first time while eating. After the second bite, he saw Karwa. After the third, she learned that her husband, the king, was dead. He was crying hard every night until Shakti forced the goddess to appear and asked him why he was crying. As the queen described her struggles, the goddess revealed that her relatives had betrayed her and ordered Karwa Chauth to repeat quickly and perfectly. When Veervati returns, Yama must return to her husband.


Contrary to this story, the brothers behind the mountain lit a huge fire and tricked their sisters into believing that the light is the moon. She was shocked and announced the death of her beloved husband. She immediately began to escape from her husband’s house, which was very close, and was interrupted by Shiva-Parvati. Parvati tells her the trick, cuts off her pinky finger to give the woman a few drops of her holy blood, and urges her to be careful and hurry in the future. The woman shed Parvat’s blood on her deceased husband, and they returned.


The legend of the Mahabharata

Faith in this fast and its rituals preceded the Mahabharata. Draupadi also said he saw him quickly. Once, Arjun went to Nilgiri for a crime, and the rest of the Pandavas faced a lot of trouble when they didn’t arrive. In desperation, Draupadi remembers Krishna and asks for help. Lord Krishna warns her that in the past when Goddess Parvati sought the teachings of Lord Shiva in a similar situation, she was ordered to follow Karva Chauth quickly. In some legends in this story, Shiva tells the story of Veervati by Parvat to describe the fasting of Karwa Chauth. Draupadi followed the instructions and fasted with all of his rituals. As a result, the pandas were able to overcome their problems.


Karwa legend

A woman named Karwa takes care of her husband. His love and devotion gave him his Shakti (spiritual energy). Her husband caught an alligator while swimming in the river. Karwa ties the crocodile with cotton thread and asks Yama (the god of death) to send the crocodile to hell. Yama refuses. Karwa threatens to curse Yaman and destroy him. Yama is afraid of being cursed by Pati-vrat’s (passionate) wife and sends the crocodile to hell and blesses Karwa’s husband for a long time. Karwa and her husband have been married for many years. To this day, Karwa Chauthi celebrates with faith and confidence.


Satyavan and Savitri

When Lord Yama entered Satyavan’s soul, Savitri asked him to give him his life. When she refused, she stopped eating and drinking and followed Yama, who was leading her late husband. Yama says she can ask for blessings instead of her husband’s life. Savitri asks her if she is lucky enough to have children. Yama agrees. Since Savitri was the wife of “Pati-Vrata” (followers), she would not allow any other man to be the father of her children. Yama has no choice but to revive Savitri’s husband. This story is about Savitri Amavasya and not Karwa Chauth. What women marry can be found everywhere in Odisha.


First Karwachauth

After your first year of marriage, celebrate all the festivities with your new family. Each ceremony has its own theme, but the first Karva Chauth is important and crucial to a Hindu wedding. The most important thing for newlyweds is to enjoy the family culture and celebrate Karwa Chauth the same way. It is filled with the blessings of a happy marriage. Every married woman will one day fast for the longevity of her husband.


Today, most married women celebrate the Karwa Chauth holiday in a group where all the married women of the community gather and pray for their husbands for a long time, following all the rules of Vrat together. The celebration shows the joy, happiness, and beauty of marriage and the state of henna, jewelry, Sargi wedding dress, and Lady Sindou.


Original Sargi: Sargi is a morning meal usually prepared by a grandmother. Sargi eats before sunrise in Karwa Chauth. These foods include sweets, fruits, and other goodies. Mini just got married and gave her parents a gift to show her parents her love and respect


Primo Baya: Baya is a small present for Grandma in honor of Karwa Chauth. This remedy usually has a salt and sugar matrix, dried fruits, and special gifts. This baya is even more important when it comes to Chauth’s first Karwa. It is also important for a family of girls. His mother brought gifts for everyone in the family. These gifts include utensils, candy, clothing for the whole family, cutlery, and tricks for her. However, in addition to sweets, cutlery, and costumes, the new wife of the ladies joined the Karwa Chauth Pooja family.


First Four Chauth Pooja: Every woman in the family has a special evening and the Karva Chauth Pooja family, where they all meet their newlywed bride. A new bride should wear a wedding dress or a chunky top with jewelry and makeup. After raising a boy with another woman in the family, he blessed a happy marriage for all of the older women in the family. A recently married woman shares Mathis and the other women joining the bay.


Husband’s Gift: The husband of the first woman to look at her Karwa, Chauth is happy to see him quickly every day because of his longevity. To make him special and to make her happy, she gives him a special gift to Karwa Chauth. Have a nice Chauth Karwa Day to all couples!