Planning to go trekking? A Memorable Journey Of Leh To Pangong Lake

I’m happiest when I’m close to my friends and they know it well. One winter day I was lazy and wrapped in a blanket on a Sunday and my body did not want to leave the rest. Suddenly my phone rang and I saw him calling me. After I got the call, I noticed that a group of friends was planning a vacation to Pangong Lake.

I jumped out of the chair so that the stream of water entered my body. “We went to Ladakh.” That was my text, and my friends in the forum agreed and agreed. So we finally decided to go to the fun Desert Hill Station.

Breath is a mysterious and funny country. No, this is not my personal opinion. After doing a group tour of Ladakh, I started surfing the internet to get the best and most reliable information about Ladakh. Then I met two tourists and saw a website with useful information.

Here the snow climbs mountains

Departure from Delhi Airport. I am very happy to have moved from the Gold Rush to Delhi with the wonderful Ladakh people. Eight of our friends decided to explore this desert. We all carry more luggage than you need. They are usually made together in warm clothes. But we are happy with the adaptation. That’s why we pack many emergency contraceptives like aspirin, acetaminophen, and other chewable tablets.

guest postDuring the flight from Delhi, we started dreaming about Ladakh. When we arrived at our destination, the movie windows gave us the privilege of seeing the most beautiful Himalayan mountains in the snow. My friends and I took a deep breath as we saw the beauty of the mountains.

Moonland or imperfect Earth-Ladakh

Finally, our flight landed at Lech Airport. It must be said that the correct and correct attitude of tourists has helped us in many ways. When we got off the plane, and for a short time, a named driver came to pick us up and gave us hotel comfort. The hotel room was warm, cozy, and warm. They offer 4 rooms and there are 2 people in one room. We loved food and slept well. Jesus! This is necessary to remove our weaknesses.

Only in the evening, I decided to go to the local market and see places of different cultures like Chantis Stupa. Shopping itself is fun, but it’s even more fun with friends. Exchanging 10 rupees with a friend’s gear is a great experience. We are back in the room to enjoy the market.

Pangong Lake

The flames burned, a happy dinner (usually of mountain food) and a friend of my friend forgot all the worries of the world and exchanged the water in the sea of ​​happiness. Uh! You know that when you break up with yourself, the party has to be all night. The same thing happened to us, we only slept at 4 in the morning.

The magic of Pangong Lake

Late sleep only wakes us up in the afternoon (late). After dinner and preparation, we head to Pangong Lake. We all heard so much that we all wanted to see the lake. Think of the movie for the movie “3 Idiots” and the pictures under Pangong Lake. When you reach the lake, inhale and hold your breath. The starry sky also adds a wonderful view to the night.

travel bogWe thought of doing the camping on the beach. I know a good plan. But if you want to know the plan, the fun can be even better. So we went to an unprepared camp. The supplies were ready on the spot, thanks to some of my friends who let me down the most important things. It’s so interesting that I can not put it into words.

Another treasury in Ladakh

The next day, after arriving at the hotel and cooling off, we drove to the Leh Srinagar highway and unearthed hidden treasures in Ladakh and its surroundings. Magnetic Hill is the place we are most interested in. As we passed the SUV, many of our friends tried to travel just to feel the magnetic impact on the hill. In fact, the car seemed to be moving down the hill without any known external force. This may be for scientific reasons.

Our group also has a focused spirit. As a result, they had to stay in the monastery for a long time. I am one of them. The magical silence of Gompa gives our souls and peace to our souls. I would like to stay here forever, but there is a reason why I can’t. Beautiful statues on the walls of the monastery are mesmerizing and majestic.

We returned to our room the night before and waited for the morning flight. Prior to that, we tried to emphasize in the soul all aspects of the incredible beauty of Pepper. The next morning we all got on a plane and went home. I remember the snow shaking in Leh Ladakh.