What Are The Different Types Of Wedding Bridal Outfits In India

Marriage in India is a magnificent spectacle and takes place elsewhere in the world; The stars of this show are the bride and groom. However, brides and grooms in the country differ from region to region. This is because India is a country with many ethnicities, languages,  Bridal Outfits and cultures, and where there are many ethnicities, languages,  and cultures; There are many types of people with different habits and customs.

Indian wedding dress is reputed for its lavish size and richly decorated. The beauty of clothes is complemented by the variety available in different regions of the Indian subcontinent.

Love can be a shared bond that soon unites couples across the country, but wedding rituals, customs, and even wedding dresses vary between ethnicities and cultures. It is worth exploring the difference between wedding and groom dresses in different parts of the country and that is the purpose of this blog. Read on to learn about the different traditional wedding dresses from different cultures in India.

While sarees are the usual Indian clothing for women, traditional wedding clothing has interesting variations depending on the region. Lehengas, Salwars, and Ghagras can be found more frequently among the northern and western brides. A saree is common for brides in the East while changing in the Northeast.

In South India, while the Saree predominates, the style of the curtain, the choice of color, and even the ornaments that change the appearance of the salt flats bring wonderful varieties. In addition to bridal wear, bridal ornaments also have beautiful variations, along with associated wedding rituals, culture, and ethnicity. In all, the different types of Indian wedding attire make it very interesting to take a look at each one.

Punjabi Wedding Clothes:

Marriage in this region takes place mainly according to the Sikh tradition. The traditional wedding outfit is a salwar kameez or lehenga. The brides are beautifully decorated from head to toe. The color chosen is mainly red and the entire dress is exquisitely decorated with beads and embroidery. A dupatta covers the head and the jewelry used includes the ‘Rani Haar’ – long ornamental gold necklace, bracelets decorated in red and white ‘Choora’, Tika, Nath, and, most importantly, ‘Kalire’. Kalire is connected to Choora. It consists of beautiful gold and silver pendants.

Punjabi Hindu and Punjabi Sikh brides stick to a lehenga choli or salwar kameez for a wedding dress. The traditional color is red or variations of this tone, but pink and pink tones have gained popularity in recent times.

Bengali Bridal Wear

The traditional Bengali wedding dress is the Benarasi silk sari. Red is the traditional color, but similar shades are also worn. The sari has beautiful golden brocade work. Gold jewelry is worn everywhere. A white polystyrene tiara made in a traditional design completes the look. Another beautiful feature is the use of sandalwood paste and red paint on the bride’s forehead, neck, and chin. An “Alta” red dye is applied to the palms and feet.

Malayalee wedding Dresses

The traditional wedding dress of the Malayalee bride is the “Mundu”; this is a two-piece sari and the bride is mostly adorned with flowers and jewelry. The Mundu is a silk garment and in most cases, the Mundu is cream colored with a shimmering gold embroidered border.

In many cases, the modern contemporary bride can choose to go with a shiny red sari and Malayalee Christian brides can even opt for a western-style wedding dress.

Tamil Bridal Wear

The average Tamilian bride is more likely to wear a 6- to 30-foot long Kanjeevaram silk on her wedding day. Kanjeevaram saris are sought after all over India but no one wears them better than the Tamilian bride.

The Tamilian bridal look is often accented with flowers in the hair, hair braid accessories, nose rings, toe rings, earrings, the “Manga Malai” which is a mango shaped necklace, and beautiful bracelets in between. the other jewels.

Bridal Outfits From Odisha

The wedding dress is a yellow saree with a red border. Gold jewelry is worn by the bride and similar to Bengal, the bride’s feet are decorated with “Alta” red. A scarf called “Uttariya” is also worn around the sari. Nowadays, brides also choose Lehengas.

Bridal Outfits In Kerala (Malayali Bride)

The wedding dress is a white silk sari with a gold border called “Kasavu”. They wear gold jewelry but also a lot of floral jewelry. This lends simplicity and elegance to the wedding attire. They wear necklaces, bracelets, and garlands on the hair of bright and fragrant flowers.