The Biggest Internet Trend You Need To Think About Right Now

The inhabitants of what is happening on the net are the famous internet trend. Every year it publishes a comprehensive report on trends to be addressed. You don’t want 2017. I managed to delete over 300 slides. In the report, I highlighted 14 things you need to know.

  1. Reduction in smartphone sales

In 2016, 7% fewer smartphones were shipped worldwide compared to 2015.

The number of bases installed for smartphones with an indication of the number of bases sold has decreased by 25%. 2015 up to 12%. 2016 Not used.

It can be assumed that people have owned smartphones for a long time or that almost all of them have smartphones, which slows down sales.

  1. We are using our mobile devices to spend more time online than ever before.

In 2015, I spent an average of 5.4 hours on my mobile device, and in 2016, 5.6 hours. The reason for this slight increase may be that cell phone users are accustomed to using their devices to search the Internet trend and the proliferation of speech recognition technologies.

  1. Advertising makes moving movements.

Marketers want to be where we are and use our mobile devices. Mobile phone sales increased 22% while desktop computer sales increased. As advertisers find many ways to motivate viewers through video and interactive advertising on search engines and social media, that chance will increase.

  1. The main income from online advertising.

An important fact about the advertiser package: Online ad revenue has far exceeded TV ad revenue in the United States. We have seen a few interesting ad formats that have made online advertising successful, such as B. Indoor displays, interactive displays, and video displays.

  1. Google and Facebook are in the lead

Facebook increased its ad revenue by 62% and Google by 20%. Other ad publishers grew 9%.

Facebook generates the most ad revenue each year, but Google continues to lead with ad revenue of $ 35 billion in 2016.

  1. Ad closure is a new threat to advertisers

Consumers don’t want to be disappointed with ads and want to use ad-blocking software from the past, especially in developing countries. It’s a challenge for advertisers trying to find ways to engage people in their content.

  1. Video ads based on ads and omissions are not bad.

With TV commercials, I relax in the bathroom during the commercial. Advertisers have successfully addressed the same issue with online video ads that offer enhanced views, social media clicks, and rewards for mobile apps that are well received by all users.

  1. The ROI problem persists.

Measuring investor profitability has long been a challenge for Internet trend marketers. In fact, 61% of traders identify this as a persistent problem.

Engagement seems easier to measure than investment: 56% see the success of a marketing campaign as engagement, 21% as revenue and revenue, and 15% as branding and brand awareness.

  1. Social networking platforms offer more information than ever before

It will be interesting to see how technology evolves at the speed of light. Advertisers can increasingly address their target audience and measure results: Facebook offers Delivery Insights, Google AdWords and Snapchat Snap Ads, all of which have been very successful.

  1. There is nothing like buying more radio stations

PLA (Google Product Offering) advertisements were published 43% more often in 2016 than in 2015. Pinterest was placed on Shop The Look, where customers can click and buy what they want. .

And again, Pinterest is known as a shopping destination: in 2017, twice as many users answered that Pinterest was the most competitive business compared to 2015.

  1. In fact, internet advertising makes people go to the mall

Advertisers may be concerned about competition between online businesses and retailers, but this seems to have something to do with online marketing. Google visited the store 5 million times thanks to advertising, five times more than last year.

  1. People buy Facebook ads to answer your question

Some advertisers are wondering which Facebook ad is best to advertise.

Chat bots and content powered by Facebook contribute to the success of social media marketing.

  1. Get hot photos

With increasing mobile search, this technology is growing. There are tools like Google Lens that allow users to search for images instead of typing them.

  1. Voice services are becoming increasingly popular

Whether you’re using Siri, Alexa, or Google, you can communicate with your device instead of configuring it. In fact, 20% of call requests come from responses. That number should increase as customers get used to the structure.

It will be interesting to see how we find ourselves in the midst of a technological shift in internet marketing.